Eastern Libyan Parliament breaks off relations with Turkey

There is currently a duality of powers in Libya: the interim government, which controls the eastern part of the country along with the parliament, and the UN-backed National Accord Government in Tripoli (northwest).

The Parliament of Eastern Libya, as one of the powers controlling the eastern part of the African country, which has two divided governments, approved on Saturday the breaking of relations with Turkey, after Ankara voted on Thursday to send troops to that nation.

In addition, the embassies between the two countries were ordered to be closed and these decisions were taken unanimously by the Libyan MPs.

Meanwhile, the commander of the Libyan National Army, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who commands one of the powers in the African country, and supported by the Libyan parliament, announced the general mobilization to resist the foreign troops before.

“Today we declare Jihad (holy war) and general mobilization. Weapons will be given to both men and women, to the military and civilians,” the military chief said in a video address.

Turkey’s parliament on Thursday approved a plan to send troops in support of the UN-recognised Fayez al-Sarraj National Accord Government (NAG). Al Sarraj called for Turkish military cooperation to deal with the Libyan National Army offensive led by Haftar.

The approved plan gives a period of one year for the deployment of troops. The text does not define when it will be, nor how many troops will be deployed.

Haftar called the HLG a traitor for asking for Turkey’s help. “They signed an agreement of humiliation and disgrace with Turkey without any popular, constitutional or moral support,” he added.

Since the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has been in the throes of a crisis generated by clashes between rival factions, the emergence of jihadist groups and mafias engaged in trafficking irregular migrants from Africa to Europe.

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