Kurds begin withdrawal in compliance with truce with Turkey

The main alliance of Kurdish- led militias confirmed on Sunday its complete withdrawal from the Syrian border town of Ras al Ain, as stipulated by the truce agreed with Turkey.

“Within the framework of the temporary ceasefire of military operations with the Turkish side and through US mediation, the city of Ras al Ain was completely evacuated today by the combatants of the Forces of Democratic Syria. There is no longer any combatant within the city,” said Kino Gabriel, a spokesman for the FSD, on his Twitter account.

The FSD has not offered more details about the withdrawal process, however local media describe that the combatants left in dozens of military vehicles. In addition, a medical convoy arrived in the morning to evacuate the injured and transport the bodies of the fatalities.

The evacuation is a boost to the unstable ceasefire since it began Thursday night. Clashes have arisen daily, with occasional artillery firing, especially around Ras al-Ayn, a border town where Kurdish fighters have been surrounded by Turkish-led forces.

Minutes before the statement, local media reported the bombing of the city of Til Rifat in Shehba and the villages of Minix and Shewarxe in the Afrin district in Shera by the Turkish army and mercenaries.

This day is the third after the 120-hour ceasefire agreed between Turkey and the Syrian Kurdish militias.

The Turks began an offensive in northern Syria on October 9 under the pretext of removing Kurdish militias from the Turkish border and establishing a safe area in the northeast of the country to settle thousands of Syrian refugees who remain in Turkish territory, to despite the protest of the Government of Damascus.

Also, authorities in the northeast region of Syria have denounced the use of prohibited weapons by the Turkish army in their attacks against the civilian population.

Foza Y├╗sif, a member of the Executive Council of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), said there were strong indications that the Turkish state used prohibited weapons in northern Syria and requested the inspection of an independent delegation.

Under the name Fuente de Paz, the operation faces Kurdish formations including the SDS, the militias of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Popular Protection Units (YPG) that dominate the Syrian northeast and to which Turkey links with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which he considers a terrorist.

For its part, the Syrian Government denounced that the Turkish offensive violates territorial integrity and international law. Syria reached an agreement with the Kurdish-Syrians to confront the Turkish offensive even though it does not recognize Kurdish autonomy east of the Euphrates River, nor its armed arm the SDS.

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