President Erdogan: Nuclear weapons must be eradicated

Erdogan said on Tuesday that the debates about inequality between countries with nuclear weapons and those that do not have them constitute a sufficient criterion to undermine the balance of the world.

“We are concerned that weapons of mass destruction are used as an element of power in all crises, rather than being completely eradicated. The possession of nuclear weapons must be prohibited for all or allowed for all,” said the Turkish president.

During his speech in plenary, Erdogan showed four maps that show the illegal occupation of the Israeli regime in Palestinian territory, “Where was Israel in 1947 and where is it now?”

In that regard, the head of state called on the United Nations Organization (UN) to support the rights of Palestine and criticized the role played by the Security Council of the agency in dealing with the issue, so he proposed to reform it.

“The world is much bigger than just five,” said Erdogan, referring to the five countries that make up the United Nations Security Council (United States, Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom).

President Erdogan reiterated that global injustice causes world pain, “it is unacceptable that a part of the world lives luxuriously while people from other places suffer as a result of poverty, misery and illiteracy,” he said.

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