President Trump threatens to destroy Turkey’s economy

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, threatened on Wednesday his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to destroy the economy of the Eurasian country while maintaining his troops in Syria.

“You don’t want to be responsible for killing thousands of people, and I don’t want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy, and I will do it.” “I’ve worked hard to solve some of your problems. Don’t let the world down. You can do a great deal,” Trump says in a letter leaked by US media.

After the publication of the letter, it is expected that the president of the United States will apply economic sanctions against members of the Erdogan Government, stop negotiations on a $100 billion trade agreement with Turkey and increase steel tariffs by 50%.

However, Trump tells his counterpart that the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Kobani, is willing to negotiate and “is willing to make concessions that they never would have made in the past,” he added.

“History will look favorably on you if you do this in a correct and humane way. It will consider you forever as the devil if good things don’t happen. Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be silly!” Concludes the US president.

From the Presidency of Turkey, they reported that on October 22, President Erdogan will hold a meeting with Putin to discuss the fight against terrorism and the political process in Syria.

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