Turkey announces temporary suspension of offensive in Syria

Kurdish forces must complete their withdrawal from Syrian soil within 150 hours from noon on October 23 this year, according to statements by the Government of Turkey.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Mevlut Cavusoglu, announced on Wednesday October 23 that the armed operation in Syria has been temporarily suspended but that the offensive has not yet been terminated.

“We have suspended the operation at the moment, but this does not mean that the offensive is over,” said the Turkish minister.

He also explained that this ceasefire determination comes after the talks held by the Government of Turkey with the administration of the United States (USA), in which Washington ceased fire.

“We have received the guarantee that the US has given us, so we have stopped the operation in this way at this time, but that does not mean we get out of here, we maintain our presence,” he said.

However, Minister Cavusoglu said that the fight against terrorist groups operating in Syrian territory has not ceased, which will remain after his capture, despite the announcement of peace.

“National security is vital for our nation, and we are clearing our borders of terrorists,” he said.

This ceasefire agreement has been organized between Russia, Syria and Turkey in a strategy that provides for the presence of the Russian military police and the Syrian border guard to protect the Turkish-Syrian border area.

With this announcement, it is also expected that the Democratic Forces of Syria (SDS) will withdraw permanently from the north of the Persian nation, as they have been doing in the past few days.

The Turkish Armed Forces began bombing and attacks on the northern part of Syria on October 9, after the United States. announce the withdrawal of its armed troops from this Syrian region.

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