Turkey starts offensive against Kurdish militias in northern Syria

Erdogan announced on Wednesday the start of the offensive against Kurdish militias in northeastern Syria, which aims to eradicate the “terrorist threat,” an action rejected by the Government of Damascus, because it violates its sovereignty.

The president said that the Turkish armed forces began the operation “Source of Peace” in northern Syria to prevent “the creation of a terrorist corridor along our southern border, and bring peace to the area.”

For its part, the UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting closed Thursday to address the military situation in Turkey, diplomatic sources said.

The meeting, claimed by the European members of the Council (Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom), will take place after another meeting, also behind closed doors, on Colombia, according to the same sources.

On the other hand, the Syrian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the hostile intentions shown by the Turkish government and the concentration of troops on the border, as they constitute a flagrant violation of international law and United Nations resolutions, which defend unity, integrity and sovereignty of the Arab country.

He said the aggressive behavior of President Erdogan’s regime clearly shows Turkish expansionist ambitions in Syrian territory and cannot be justified under any pretext, according to the Syrian news agency SANA.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry held some Kurdish organizations responsible for the situation because of their subordination to the United States, referring to Syrian Kurdish militias, backed by Washington.

According to Turkish television reports, planes had bombed Kurdish positions in Syria across the border with Turkey.

“Turkish aviation launches heavy bombardment against the city of Ras al Ein, in the northwest of Al Hasaka province, there are also artillery attacks,” Syrian state television reported.

“The Turkish attack has also reached the town of Ayen Issa in the northern Raqqa camp,” said the Syrian agency SANA.

In this operation against the PKK / YPG (Kurdistan Workers Party / Popular Protection Units) and the terrorists of the Islamic State participate members of the Syrian National Army, a group that is an ally of the Government of Ankara.

For its part, Syria had previously condemned in the strongest terms the aggressive intentions of the Turkish regime and the concentration of its military on the Syrian border.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on Turkey, a member of the Alliance, on Wednesday to “moderation” in his operation launched in northern Syria as it does not jeopardize the fight that the agency undertook against the jihadists.

The offensive, which launched Turkey in northeastern Syria, will aggravate the crisis in the Arab country and cause a new wave of refugees, said HuseĆ­n Amir Abdolahian, an advisor to the president of the Iranian Parliament.

“The Turkish operation in Syria further complicates the situation,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

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